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General Terms and Conditions of Use

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The Website is published by the Syndicat de Défense des
Producteurs de Lait et Transformateurs de Beurre et Crème
d’Isigny (hereinafter ‘ODG Beurre et Crème d’Isigny’), a protection
and management body (Organisme de Défense et de Gestion),
Siret no. 42783860200014, having its registered office at 2 rue du
Docteur Boutrois, CS10099, 14230 Isigny-sur-Mer, France.


The information and documents on the Website are indicative
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The Website owner cannot be held liable for any indirect damage
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The Website and everything comprising it (such as text,
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unless otherwise specified on the Website, the intellectual
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Under the French Intellectual Property Code and, more generally,
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You agree to refrain from copying, modifying, reusing,
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T&Cs. Journalists are however granted authorisation to copy
elements such as photos, press releases and Website Content to
use in their articles. Any use of those photos, press releases,
Website Content and other elements must always be used by

journalists to give a positive image of ODG Beurre et Crème
d’Isigny and its products. If the aforementioned conditions are not
met, ODG Beurre et Crème d’Isigny reserves the right to withdraw
its authorisation. The offending journalist must immediately
delete their published content as well as any photos, press
releases, Website Content and other elements used. Similarly, you
agree not to purchase keywords from a search engine or pay-per-
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the brands or variations and identical or similar spelling to the
Website and Content.


The information collected on this Website and through any forms
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commitments and your rights in this area are set out in our
Personal Data Protection Policy.


The Website can be accessed 24/7, except in the event of a force
majeure or other event outside the control of our company, and
subject to any breakdowns or maintenance required for the
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4.1. Accessing and using the Website
You are solely responsible for the equipment, software and
internet connection required to access and use the Website.
Similarly, you must use the Website for lawful purposes and, when
required, provide accurate, substantiated, up-to-date details free
from any bugs.

4.2. Hyperlinks
The Website may contain links to other websites and internet
sources. ODG Beurre et Crème d’Isigny cannot control those
external websites and sources, therefore ODG Beurre et Crème
d’Isigny cannot be held liable for the content, advertising,
products, services and all other elements available on those
external websites and sources. Furthermore, ODG Beurre et
Crème d’Isigny cannot be held liable for any alleged or proven
indirect or direct damages caused by the use of the content,
goods and services available on those external websites and

4.3. Restrictions on use

You must at all times refrain from the following actions: (i)
publishing online on the Website or taking any action that may
result in the transmission in any manner of software viruses and
other computer codes, files or programmes designed to interrupt,
destroy or restrict the operation of any software, IT equipment or
telecommunications equipment; (ii) disrupting or interrupting the
Website, servers or networks connected to the Website or
breaching any conditions, procedures, rules or regulations relating
to the Website; (iii) attempting to interfere with the Website,
including exposing the Website to a virus, causing an overload of
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services supplied by the Website; (iv) viewing information not
intended for you and accessing a server or account for which you
do not hold authorisation; (v) attempting to assess, rate or test the
Website’s vulnerability, or breach the Website’s security and
authentication measures without the express prior written
agreement of ODG Beurre et Crème d’Isigny; (vi) undertaking any
illegal activity or any other activity that may harm the rights of
ODG Beurre et Crème d’Isigny, its suppliers, service providers,
retailers and advertisers, or any other person, and inciting third
parties to do the same; (vii) publishing online on the Website or
making available by any other means any unsolicited or

unauthorised advertising or promotional material such as spam
emails, chain letters and other forms of solicitation; (viii) publishing
online on the Website or making available by any other means any
illegal, harmful, defamatory, slanderous, offensive, racist, vulgar,
obscene, threatening or immoral content and any content that is
objectionable in terms of racial and ethnic messages, or otherwise

You agree to refrain from using robots, spiders and other devices,
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all other identical or similar manual procedures for the purpose of
accessing, acquiring, copying or monitoring all or part of the
Website (or its data and/or Content as defined above), and
copying or hijacking the Website layout and presentation in order
to obtain or attempt to obtain information, documents, services
and equipment in a manner not normally available through the

You agree to comply with all applicable laws, regulations and
procedures involving online user behaviour.

Article 5. LIABILITY

ODG Beurre et Crème d’Isigny is only bound by a duty of means
regarding the information we provide to people accessing our
Website. We will do our utmost to ensure the information shown
on the Website is accurate and current. However, ODG Beurre et
Crème d’Isigny cannot guarantee the accuracy, precision or
exhaustive nature of the information provided to you on the
Website. Consequently, ODG Beurre et Crème d’Isigny cannot be
held liable for any errors or omissions, or for any results that may
be obtained by using that information.

We do not claim or guarantee that the Website (or any section,
characteristic or Content on it) will be (or will continue to be)
compatible with your needs, terminal, operating system, browser,
software or tools, that the Website complies with any law to which
you are subject, or that the Website’s operation will be free of any
virus, bug or other damaging component.

ODG Beurre et Crème d’Isigny provides free access to the Website
and does not accept any liability (i) for any Website disruption or
unavailability, (ii) in the event of any bugs, display errors or
downloading issues, (iii) for any inaccuracy or omission in the
Content available on the Website, (iv) for any damage resulting
from a third party’s fraudulent intrusion, and (v) more generally,
any damages, regardless of cause or consequence, that may be
suffered by accessing the Website or that may arise from
information taken directly or indirectly from the Website, subject
to the authorised limits imposed by the applicable legislation.

Article 6. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These T&Cs are governed by French law. Any disputes relating to
the Content and to Website use will be decided by the courts
holding jurisdiction under the Caen Court of Appeal.

Article 7. Credits

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